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Taste the gastronomic friendliness of Colombia in our specialty coffee. Rojas Specialty Coffee guarantees honest, authentic and sustainably grown specialty coffee. Brewed with original passion and craftsmanship by the Rojas family for over 100 years, especially for you. You buy Direct-trade from us, so directly from our coffee plantation! You make the difference with your purchase, because you:

  • Make IMPACT immediately!
  • Help the entire community (of about 80 families) in the coffee region of Huila, Colombia
  • Enjoy the finest quality of coffee beans from our two Fincas ‘San Isidro’ and ‘Palo Grande’. Always freshly roasted!
  • Buy fully tracable and 100% transparent, honest coffee with a story!
  • Get excellent specialty coffee with cupping scores consistantly above 85 (SCA)


“From our plantation to your cup!”

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Grab COFFEE SERVICE OFFER- FREE SHIPPING COSTS !!!Big Offer: MONTHLY FRESH COFFEEBEANS SERVICEExperience the joy of our monthly coffee service! You can choose in the shop a fixed period commitment for 3 or 6 months. In that period we provide you the service of fresh roasted coffee to your door.

How does it work


1. Choose your Coffee

Coffeelovers choice: Singe estate – specialty coffee
from our farm Palo Grande or San Isidro?
Or perhaps both?


2. Choose your amount

Postal package with 2 x 225 gr.
Bag of 225 gr, 340 gr or  1000 gr.
One or more bags?


3. Choose your frequency

Do you want the comfort of a frequent order,
or do you want to try out first?
You can choose between a one time order or
a 3 or 6 months coffee service.

Met deze koffie begint mijn dag met een lach! Thuiswerken onder het genot van deze (h)eerlijke specialty coffee is een aanrader! Coffee that makes me smile! 🙂
We are happy that we met you. This way we had had the privilige of tasting your excellent coffee and we never have a bad cup of coffee again!
Colombiaanse koffie is een van de lekkerste koffiesoorten ter wereld, maar deze van de familia Rojas is echt in overtreffende trap heerlijk!
Cupping scores
Quality control coffee experts rated our coffees, through a SCAA cupping protocol, with a cupping score above 85+. That a guaranty for the excellent high quality of our specialty coffee!
Coffee Methods
Our Single Estate Coffee is for gourmets. It's espresso roastered, but it can be brewed in all different coffee methods. How coffee is grinded is crucial for the brewing proces. Explore and find out... you'll be surprised!
Our Secret - PURE CRAFT!
Every bean counts! We control every step in the process. Our beans are selectively handpicked and traditionally eco-friendly dried. You will taste our craftsmanship in the unique taste.
Flavors characteristics
Just like wine, our single estate specialty coffee has a unique bouquet of flavors, aromas and texture that are specific to its variety, terroir and roasting process. We roast our coffee medium, because that highlights the unique taste characters of the coffee beans.

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