Our story

Hola, we are the familia Rojas Zuñiga and the famila Perdomo Rojas. We run our two coffee plantations in an authentic way, with a lot of knowledge, passion and craftsmanship over the last 100 years by the different generations of the Rojas – Perdomo family in Huila, Colombia.

History family coffeefarms
At the beginning of the 20th century, the family’s first plantation was started by our great-great-grand-father Salomon Perdomo Alarcon. The coffee plantation passed generations from father to son. Nice historical fact: our Grand-father Señor Perdomo was in 1964 the ‘first certificated specialty coffee farmer’ in the region Huila, Colombia. That was a big step forward towards the recognition of our quality of coffee. Hugo Perdomo, Salomon’s grandson and current owner of ‘Finca San Isidro’, married with Luz Divia Rojas, and so the plantation was merged with that of the Rojas Zuñiga family. The family Rojas, owners of ‘Finca Palo Grande’ has also been familiar with growing coffee for more than 100 years. Now these days the 5th generation coffeefarmer of the Perdomo – Rojas family is also working on the coffee plantation, Carlos Andres Perdomo Rojas.

Coffee expert and entrepreneur
Carlos Perdomo Rojas knows everything about every step in the process of coffee. Carlos grew up between the coffee beans and is a certified barista. Carlos: “My family and I feel it as our purpose to share our love for good quality coffee. As a fellow coffee lover, we think you will love our specialty coffee”. In 2019 Carlos traveled to his family in the Netherlands to innovate together with his Dutch aunt Corine Blom a direct-trade company for their specialty coffee beans from Colombia. Direct-trade is even better than fair trade, because direct-trade coffee also benefits people and employability in the region of Huila Colombia. In addition to the family, many villagers work on the plantation, these are men and women from a total of 80 families during harvest. Carlos and Corine: “Our goal with Rojas Specialty Coffee is to attain social, environmental and financial sustainability. With the constant progression of the specialty coffee, we have a high-quality standard, but we also experimenting at our Single Estates with new ways of cultivating our coffee cherries. We like to share our journey with the costumers, because we are very proud at our product.”

Our secret – Pure Craft!
Every bean count! Colombia’s geography and climate offers an ideal combination for growing 100% arabica coffeebeans. The climate is wet and tropical, the soil is fertile from volcanoes and the altitude is high. The coffee berry ripens slowly due to the fresh mountain air. This makes the coffee berries real “flavorbombs”.  We cultivate with great respect for nature. We make use of our natural environmental elements like water from the waterfall, shadow from the trees and the sun to ripe the cherries. All steps in the process are circular in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. My family developed themselves as farmers in specialty coffee in the past 100 years. We have build up a lot of knowledge, passion and craftsmanship, which you can taste in the high quality of our coffee beans.

Carlos: “Although we have a traditional product, we strive to innovate with several varieties through the time. My family is well respected and famous as hard working craftsmen and coffee experts. Making the best quality specialty coffee is an integral part of our culture and identity.

Do you like our goals and our story? We love to tell you more about our family story and coffee business in a personal conversation. If you like, come visit us, stay with us and we learn you all about our Coffee Secrets. You can meet us at Instagram, Facebook or Linked-in.  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with us.

Saludos cordiales, Familia Perdomo Rojas, Family Blom and Familia Rojas Zuñiga.

Direct-trade: From our farm to your cup!

Marco & Corine Blom: Coffee is a social product and connects people. Through our adoption of our oldest son, we have been in close contact with his biological family, the Rojas family, for 10 years. Colombia feels like home for all of our family. In their passion and craft for Rojas specialty coffee you can taste the friendliness of South America and the warm Colombian hospitality. We have seen how the family runs their coffee plantations with a lot of craftsmanship, passion and knowledge. But unfortunately, we have also noticed how unfair the coffee chain can be and how the high quality coffee is bought for ridiculously low prices by expensive intermediaries. Sometimes there are 12! intermediaries between the farmer and the end customer. Those expensive intermediaries all earn more from it than the whole family and their employees themselves, while they work hard for it every day from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm every day. Unfair and we think that can be done differently! That is why we are more than driven to sell the fair and honest specialty coffee directly in the Netherlands together with them. Direct-trade is the new fair-trade 2.0, because by simply buying 1 bag of coffee beans, you can immediately make a big difference for the entire community.

Are you also want to help to make the difference?