Visit the coffee plantation

Experience LIFE on a real AUTHENTIC COFFEE FARM  with our Colombian Coffee Plantation  tour.
Come VIST us, STAY with us and learn all about our COFFEE SECRETS…

Visiting a real coffee farm is for many a dream come true…
Are you working in the coffee industry or are you a coffee lover?
Having a coffee plantation tour is a must for every barista and coffee lover. It’s a unique way to spend a vacation. It’s also the best place to understand, learn and explore all about the coffee production and culture.

Our Fincas ‘San Isidro’ and Finca ‘Palo Grande’ are located in the magnificent mountains of the region Huila in Colombia. It’s really a beautiful place to stay for a few nights, or your entire trip, while learning more about coffee. We share all our coffee secrets: how coffee is planted, harvested and processed. We let you experience every step in the process: as picking only ripe healthy berries, using appropriate cultivation and fermentation techniques, to understand the journey of the coffeebean ‘From our Farm to your cup.’ You spend time with the coffeefarmers themselves, jeep drivers, see the roastery and meet other coffee entrepreneurs.

We also show you what it takes how to grow coffee using natural methods. If you are curious about permaculture or what family life on a plantation looks like, this Colombian Coffee plantation tour is really something for you. It gives you all the knowledge about processing and roasting coffee, as well as insight about how you can live in harmony with nature by using all nature elements in the environment. Visiting our coffee farm will give you a real insight into the coffeeculture of Colombia. If you’re a serious coffee lover, this journey through a working coffee farm will be a highlight of your visit to Colombia.

We create tailored trips, your needs and wishes our personal guide.

: you can book private tours and completly personalized day trips from the farm to beautiful other sightseeing in the region Huila. Huila has it all: beautiful Nature, Architecture, Art, Desert. We can make a personalised program to visit for example San Augustin (archaeological park), one of the magnificent Waterfalls, the amazing Tatacoa desert, the capitol Neiva, Little village Pitalito etc. We can drive you everywhere you want. If you have any questions, just contact us. We will help you with a complete personalized trip.


Wondering where to go? This photo gallery gives you an impression, a kind of Virtual Tour…

We create tailored trips.
Your needs and wishes, our guide.