8. Workshops ‘Crop to Cup’

8. Workshops ‘Crop to Cup’


Experience the intriguing journey of the coffee beans with Carlos Rojas.


Coffee expert and barista Carlos Perdomo Rojas from Colombia takes you away in the world of specialty coffee. Carlos grew up at the coffee plantation between the coffee beans and is a barrel of knowledge about every aspect of coffee. He gives unique ‘CROP TO CUP’ workshops.

  • ‘Crop to Cup’ workshops; Let us give you the Colombian coffeeplantation experience about Specialty Coffee. Learn about the intriguing journey of the coffee beans. From recognising varieties of coffeeplants to various defects, from roasting to brewing, from cupping flavours tasting to finally serving.

Through his specialty coffee, he learns you all about different processes, that are necessary to come from raw beans to the delicious ‘liquid gold’ into your cup.

The ‘Crop to Cup’ workshops / presentations contains:

  • the story behind the specialty coffee
  • Coffee farmers in Colombia and the coffee plantation
  • cupping tasting
  • let you experience the different characteristics and flavors through the SCA Coffee ‘tasters flavor wheel’
  • developing your own preferences when it comes to taste
  • learn you all about our COFFEE SECRETS…
  • It’s takes about 1,5 hour
  • Costs per person €35,-

One thing is for sure: After this workshop your will NEVER taste and look the SAME to coffee again!



Carlos is two times in a year for a select few months available in the Netherlands to give workshops and presentations.

He gives that workshop together with his Dutch aunt Corine, because together they have an amazing story to tell. So when you want to book Carlos for a workshop or presentation ‘Crop to Cup’, please be sure that you book Carlos in a early stage, because bookings options are limited. The workshops ‘Crop to Cup’ can be given for groups in the coffee industry, but also small groups with colleagues or friends. We have a own workshop location in Zwolle, but we also come on location.

Every workshop or presentation is tailored to the group. Interested in a workshop or presentation? You can contact us for more information, because we customize the workshop or presentation for every event. So the price can variate, depends on the amounth of people, travellingcosts and the lenght of the workshop.

P.S. The workshops and presentations from Carlos are in English (or Spanish if you prefer that). Corine can talk English, but also (translate) in Dutch.